Along the last week  we did a great job doing our best effort as volunteers in our project called Playa Clean International.Two hours were enough to do this clean up in our public beaches on the north side of the boardwalk at the public beaches of San Felipe Baja,Mexico.

I changed bags from diferent trash barrels I got on the sand.I cleaned into the water dead fishes and sifted some sand in the same area.Playa Clean it is a human society trying to clean our beaches since two years ago.I want to thanks to the american society who help us with 55 gallons bags and trash barrels.Special thanks to Heidi Blue who supported us with a special net to clean the water.Many persons were involved doing this clean up such as high school students and more friends.We are looking for help in getting on donatioon an inflatable boat with a motor to do faster our work into the sea.