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Bajamarina Kindergarten Graduation
Nick was named the godfather for the third grade children graduating at Bajamarina Kindergarten in June. It is an awesome privilege that Nick shares with the rest of the AOK guys and he’ll hopefully be able to make the ceremony and celebrate with all of the children on such an amazing accomplishment.

Baja Charity Run 2 2008

On December 14th 2008, Wahoo’s Fish Tacos, Score International Off-Road Racing, and AOK along with other various sponsors came together to raise money and celebrate the “Baja Charity Run 2 2008.” Everyone that races through the desert landscapes of Baja leaves with a desire to help those that live there. That is what this event was all about…[read more]

Off-Road Business Magazine  – Top Five Most Influential (2007)

Nick often busies himself with “Acts of Kindness” outside of the United States, but his involvement in TrophyKart is counted as one for home. Nick helped to further a company whose sole purpose is to provide an outlet for kids in the off-road industry. Kids now have the opportunity to practice and realize their own dreams of racing much earlier than was previously possible. Nick provided the backing for TrophyKart to grow as a company and the opportunity for it to reach numerous more kids who want to race.

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DIRTsports Magazine – Living the Golden Rule (2006)

Nick Baldwin and his AOK wrecking crew completely remodeled and reconstructed a local kindergarten in San Felipe, Mexico. After collecting and delivering much needed food, clothing, and baby items to Santo Tomas and Ojos Negros, Nick and his crew began work on the dilapidated kindergarten. It was merely another opportunity for Nick, his friends, and family to provide an “Act of Kindness” for the people of Baja and help support a community that he loves.

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Baja Rescue Project – “Jaws of Life”

Nick Baldwin Motor Sports donated the funds for the delivery of the “Jaws of Life” to the grateful Baja firefighters in the cities of Loreto and La Paz. Nick learned of the aspirations and goals of the firemen from Station 116 to build a racecar for the SCORE Baja 1000, race in it as a team, and deliver some much needed equipment to the firemen in Baja California; and he was presented with another opportunity for an AOK. The firemen of Station 116 completed their car, their race, and thanks to Nick the delivery of the “Jaws” to their fellow firemen.

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DIRTsports Magazine – Expect the Unexpected (2006)

In between numerous AOK’s, entrepreneurial endeavors, and raising a family, Nick still manages to race and race well. It was racing that first brought to his attention the Baja people’s need and helped give birth the first AOK. Racing is a passion for Nick, a passion that helps him to help others.

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