Food and Clothing Drive

Nick Baldwin has been racing through the landscapes of Mexico for over twenty years. It was during a race in 2005, as he watched the people of Baja cheer and support him that Nick decided it was time to give back. American off-road racers are considered celebrities down in Baja and people line up excited to get a glimpse of the large trucks and even larger personalities of the men driving them. Nick was touched by these people and felt called to help.

On returning to the states, Nick rallied the employees of his then successful vacation timeshare business to collect all of their used clothing and baby items. There was a strict code that stated the items had to be only gently used, cleaned, and nicely packaged. He personally drove to every office with a truck to collect everything and get them into the arms of people in need.

The heavy-laden truck filled with over 3,500 articles of clothing, shoes, food, and baby items was denied access into Mexico because of tariff issues. This was not a deterrent for Nick; he called upon his friends in Baja to help. Among these friends were several attorneys whose wives drove across the United States’ border weekly for their children’s futból games. Every week for three weeks these women and families drove the goods from the United States border into Ensenada; from Ensenada Nick, his close friend Brian Nix, and son Cole organized its delivery into Santo Tomas and Ojos Negros. The people of these towns were very grateful and continue to serve as inspiration for Nick his AOK mission.