Operation Holiday Homework

Operation Holiday Homework

On December 10th at 8am in the morning youth filled the front of the Club with excitement to pick out gifts for their families. During this day over 360 youth received gifts for their entire family. Youth who received gifts worked hard, were respectful and on-task with their educational quest. Monday through Thursday for an hour each day members complete their homework through the Club’s Power Hour program. Power Hour allows youth to get points for being on-task, quiet and respectful during the hour long homework session. Members work hard and stay dedicated to their education quest because they want to succeed educationally and because they know they will receive gifts for their family if they put education first.

December 10, 2011 was the day Operation Holiday Homework took place. Operation Holiday Homework is the incentive based program that allows members to get gifts for their entire family.

Your donation of $2,500 to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Capistrano Valley allowed members the opportunity to get gifts for all their family. These gifts might have been for a teen sibling, infant, mom and father, a little brother and of course a gift for the deserving member. All 360 members put education as a priority and in return they get to participate in Operation Holiday Homework.

Success Stories 2011:

During this day a volunteer finished wrapping gifts for Marco’s family. Marco is a teenage boy who has been coming to the Club for years.  Marco was thrilled with what he got his family. Marco and volunteer walked the gifts out to his mother car. When she saw all the gifts she started crying and could not stop saying thank you. Your contribution made these gifts possible.

Alex is a 13 year old boy who has been coming to the Club since he was 7 years old. Alex’s grandfather died on Thursday night but he had to come to Operation Holiday Homework because he needed to get something for his mom for the Holiday season. He knew that his family did not have the money to exchange gifts and this was the only way his family was going to have a holiday. Your contribution put a smile on a struggling families face.