Operation Holiday Homework!

“Operation Holiday Homework” is one of the most meaningful and fulfilling events that AOK supports throughout the year. It impacts more than just one person at a time, but touches and reaches into entire families. For the second year in a row, AOK has teamed up with Mike Chambers and The Boys and Girls Club of Capistrano Valley to help support kids in the community and encourage them in making good decisions. “Operation Holiday Homework” encourages children to come and complete their homework after school everyday in exchange for points. These points are then accumulated and exchanged at the end of the year for gifts. Each child gets to “shop” with their points and choose gifts for their families from an amazing selection toys, athletic equipment, and other household items. AOK has helped to collect sponsors, donated money, and volunteered at this event for two years in a row. Over 600 kids participate and over 4500 gifts are chosen, wrapped, and placed into these children’s homes. It is an amazing opportunity for these children to achieve something tangible, not only for themselves, but for their families. They are given an opportunity to work hard, receive a reward, and witness the impact of their hard work and dedication for someone else. Such an event is not possible without a team of helping and caring hands. Thank you to those that joined us in this: Mike and Paula Chambers, Eric and Elvia Harp Danny and Julie Hawkins, Jeremy Kegher, Marc Spizzirri, John Cappalletti, Gold Rush, Family Classic Cars, Elite Laser Cutting and Machining, and Jim Cook at Air, Land, and Sea Films.