Nick had the opportunity to meet a very special person

Nick had the opportunity to meet a very special person this past weekend at AOK’s Operation Holiday Homework, Edgar Townsend. This is an event that is hosted by the Capistrano Valley Boys and Girls Club every year. Operation Holiday Homework provides the opportunity for children in the local area to come and study and complete their homework after school at the club’s facility. Every time a local child comes to the center to study and work after school, they are given points that can be used at this event. A few weeks before Christmas, these points are tallied and given to the children for their “shopping.” Each child is then given the opportunity to choose gifts for their family members with their hard-earned points.

It was at this event that Nick had the opportunity to meet Edgar, a twelve year old, from Orange. Edgar has been working at giving to others almost his entire life. It started with his parent’s decision to request that no gifts be given at Edgar’s third birthday party. As Edgar grew and understood more and more about how many kids did not have birthday parties or gifts, he decided that not only would he not ask for gifts on his birthday, but that the ones he did receive would be given away to others. Edgar wants others to realize how much better it truly is to give than to receive. He wants his friends and peers to know the same feeling he gets every time he reaches out to help others. Edgar really appreciates AOK’s quick and timely response to the needs that they see. He thinks that if people would give more often that they would really enjoy it and more people could receive the help they need.

Edgar Townsend is truly a blessing. He is a young man that already recognizes the great needs of many and is willing to do a little or a lot to try and help. It’s not about how much can be done or how much is still left to be done, but about the “doing” that really matters. Edgar has helped to raise funds and supplies for Mary’s Shelter, CHOC, Second Harvest Food Bank, Project Hope School, and the Boys and Girls Club. It is his heart to find the opportunities to help and serve kids in his own community.