Hola from Cabo San Lucas!

Hola from Cabo San Lucas!

What a difference you are making at Casa Hogar!

Chris Mills has described to us the awesome time he had with you, running around Costco trying to spend the money you raised for the boys.  He said you purchased mostly food, and lots of it, plus footballs, basket balls, soccer balls, backpacks, school supplies, boogie boards and……..a new TV. He counted 13 small and large carts.  Wow!!!!!!!!  The fridges and freezers are full and the staff is still in shock over what was delivered.  Janet mentioned that she had 30 movie tickets for the boys.

As you can see from these pictures, the boys are just fascinated.  On behalf of the boys and the Board of Directors of Casa Hogar, I’d like to thank you for everything you did for Casa Hogar.  It is overwhelming and we are truly blessed to have you supporting us.  Please come visit us any time you are in Cabo.

Michele Whicker for Casa Hogar


Exciting Trip to Cabo Karting for the Boys at Casa Hogar