Cambodian Church Orphan Home AOK Part 1

Cambodian Church Orphan Home AOK Part 1

The team is partnering with an Olympia Washington church and one of its missions teams, Warm Blankets Orphan Care International, to provide fresh drinking water and fish to the Kong Pixay Church Orphan home in Cambodia. With the construction of a well and a fully stocked pond, the children of the home and the Cambodian widows that take care of them will receive clean water and fish daily. The fish provides vital protein needed for growing children and can be sold in the local market to provide funds for other supplies needed in the home.

In January 2010, the mission’s team will fly to Cambodia to spend time at Kong Pixay doing additional work of constructing a security fence around the entire orphanage. This work will consist of digging trenches for the foundation, filling rock, mixing and pouring cement, laying brick and more. It is labor intensive, involving mixing the cement by hand; shoveling dirt and small rock, and adding cement and water.

Other projects slated to occur in January are the painting of the Orphan home, inside and out, as well as a special outing with the Orphans to shop for shoes, coats, and other needed items.

Please check back in early 2010 to view photos of the completed Kong Pixay Orphan Home projects. In the mean time please pray for the success of the mission’s team and these projects in Cambodia.

A $1000 Check was given to help get things off the ground.