Baja’s Governator Tour in San Felipe

On September 26th,Baja’s California Governor Jose Guadalupe Osuna Millan came to San Felipe on his tour doing a lot of work.From Secundaria Tecnica 6 Junior high we were able to talk to him and ask for special request in support us with a new school bus.I told him we were looking for his support because most of our school buses are old and often they have mechanicals problems.He told us we will have it very soon.He was so polite in shake hands with our group of students we brought into the ceremony to be close to him.Also when he was giving his official speech we mentioned our school name and told us thanks to be there.For me as a President from the Parents Association it is a pleausre to contribute with our progress into the school.

MartinĀ  E.Romo Cota.