Baja Charity Run 2 article

Baja Charity Run 2 article

On December 14th 2008, Wahoo’s Fish Tacos, Score International Off-Road Racing, and AOK along with other various sponsors came together to raise money and celebrate the “Baja Charity Run 2 2008.” Everyone that races through the desert landscapes of Baja leaves with a desire to help those that live there. That is what this event was all about. Sal Fish, from Score International Off-Road Racing, gathered together and honored some of the individuals in the industry that give their time and money to help Baja. Nick Baldwin was honored with a “Visionary Award” for his work on the food and clothing drive, kindergartens, playground, and “jaws of life” donations to various towns throughout Baja. The event was truly for the people of Mexico and is simply more motivation for Nick to help and serve people through AOK’s.

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